About the Two Sisters Foundation

Driven by personal experience, we (Lisa Bardas and Ellie Rogers) formed The Two Sisters Foundation in 2019; focused on changing the cancer story for women, everywhere.

Our vision is a future without breast and ovarian cancer. And we are determined to get there.

When it comes to health, we believe that knowledge really is power. And we know that research holds the key to change – to enable us to better understand cancer and its causes, and to combat, treat, and one day prevent cancer from occurring at all.

To support this mission, we are focused on raising vital funds to support the very best in medical research to accelerate important medical discoveries to achieve faster and better results.

So far we have raised over…

for the incredible team at WEHI

We created The Winter Ball The Winter Ball as a way of bringing people together to party for a purpose. There are no easy answers when it comes to creating change, but we know that ultimately, bringing people together is how we will make a difference.

Our mission may be serious, but we plan to have a lot of fun in the process.
JOIN US. And let’s change this cancer story together.

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